ACE Technology Services - Computers

Network Cabling & Equipment

We supply & Install:

  • Network cable and workstation outlets
  • Segregated ducting for offices and classrooms
  • Cabling enclosures and distribution frames
  • Hubs, switches, routers or firewalls — desktop or rackmount
  • Computer network adapters (also called NICs or network cards)
  • Wireless access points & adapters for notebooks and desktop PCs
  • Install and fully configure software or Operating System settings


  • Upgrades, improvements and additions to existing networks
  • Addition of wireless links to existing networks

Full Range of Services

From component sales and DIY installation advice — To linking two PCs to share a printer or Internet connection — To entire office, home or classroom cabling solutions.

Many businesses focus only on sales. Our commitment is to service, support and solving your problems. Tell us what you want, and we will help you find the right balance of: Price — Performance — Features — Quality.

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