ACE Technology Services - Antennas

Complete TV Antenna Service

Analog and Digital

We use field strength surveys to determine which signals you can receive and to select the correct components to install.

We supply, install and repair :

All installations are completed to digital-compatible standard. Installations to a lower standard (and lower cost) are available on request.

Audio-Visual Cabling And Distribution

We can supply and install indoor and outdoor speakers. We can add or move TV outlets which will enable you to play video, DVD or Foxtel on any TV in the house.

Tuning & Connection

We connect and tune TVs, VCRs and digital set-top boxes to all available local stations. We connect DVDs, digital set-top boxes, Foxtel and satellite decoders, audio systems, AV receivers and home theatre components.

Full Range of Services

From component sales and DIY installation advice to complete installation, connection and tuning service — all you have to do is turn the TV on!

Many businesses focus only on sales. Our commitment is to service, support and solving your problems. Tell us what you want, and we will help you find the right balance of: Price — Performance — Features — Quality.

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